Seven artists,

seven myths


For SMK - The National Gallery of Denmark, we were tasked to create seven films, exploring seven artists' takes on seven different myths and how they can be translated into a new medium. 



Important numbers







The myth

The artists were tasked by SMK to explore and interpret seven different myths from a variety of casts in The Royal Cast Collection. The collection has a turbulent history and a close connection to a past of slavery, western self-understanding and ideals of modern man.

The artist

After artists had chosen their myth, we documented their creative processes and subsequent learnings from the creative journey. To best tie together the artist, myth and reason for doing this project in the first place, we chose to have a strong focus on the contemporary ties between myth and society.

The work

Our investigation into the minds of the seven artists led us through not only their processes, but also the very nature of myth, and how it is not only something we tell children, but rather universal stories whose elements and meanings can be witnessed in our contemporary society.

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